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Selling products and services online can have major advantages for your business, leading to increased profitability .


Selling online has a number of advantages as opposed to selling by conventional methods, including:

  • Competing with larger businesses by being able to open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

  • Being able to receive payment more quickly from online transactions.

  • Attracting customers who would not normally have investigated your type of high-street outlet.

  • Improving your offerings using the data gathered by tracking customer purchases.

  • Using your online shop as a catalog for existing customers.

  • Global marketplace – Your web site can be accessed from anywhere in the world, which now means you could sell to anyone ANYWHERE.

  • No middleman – By selling directly to the customers you can now cutout the middleman.

  • 24 Hour business – If your web site can process payment information you can now be open 24 hours a day!

  • Increased customer information – Instead of posting your latest brochure or clients account statement, why not allow them to access it via your web site?


    The Internet can open up new avenues for your business to buy and sell products or services online, with such activities generically referred to as ecommerce.

View our price lists below and give us a call so that we can get you set up to start selling your products online!!!

Web Store Set Up, Hosting, and Maintenance Includes the Following:
Building and customizing your store with your store colors, including your logo.
If you don't have a logo, we will gladly design one for your business for an additional fee of $125. This includes 100% ownership of your logo.  You will be able to use this logo on any and all of your marketing material and letterhead. . Also includes dedicated domain that takes your customers directly to your online store.

Adding your products, which includes photos, full descriptions, and prices of each item. Set up shipping, tax, and special offer options. You will receive an email from your web store notifying you of each sale and shipping information. Your funds will be deposited directly into your paypal or eCommerce account, whichever you choose to use.

1 - 100 Products --- Hosting & Maintenance $39.00 per month
Set-up fee (1-100) $395.00

101 - 200 Products --- Hosting & Maintenance $59.00 per month
Set-up fee (101-200) $595.00

201- 300 Products --- Hosting & Maintenance $79.00 per month
Set-up fee (201-300) $795.00


301-400 Products --- Hosting & Maintenance $99.00 per month

Set-up fee (301-400) $1075.00


401-500 Products --- Hosting & Maintenance $119.00 per month

Set-up fee (401-500) $1275.00

501-600 Products --- Hosting & Maintenance $139.00 per month

Set-up fee (501-600) $1575.00

UNLIMITED Products --- Hosting & Maintenance $199.00 per month
Set-up fee (UNLIMITED ITEMS) $2025
Set-up fee 601+ items


NOTE:  Hosting & Maintenance fees are optional and include editing, adding and/or removing up to 20 items per month in your online store depending on the plan you choose.  Please inquire for more info about the optional hosting and maintenance. 

             You are responsible for providing your own clipart and text that you wish to add to your site.

             Due to time spent preparing websites, A non refundable deposit of 1/2 of the total amount to set up your webstore is due

             upon signing of Agreement/contract. (6 Month Contract Minimum)



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